John & Sue

9th November 2002

For the text on this page I have reproduced comments from our friend Clair Barrass and the report from another friend Beryl Harwood. I have also used one or two of their photos and some by Elaine Jones

Clair Barrass:-
''It was a truly wonderful wedding - the like of which I have never experienced before. Truly moving.''

''Not only did the bride look beautiful - the groom looked stunning, the service was awesome, the cake (made and decorated by the groom) was superb - oh, and the Groom serenaded the bride in lieu of a wedding speech.''

''It should be pointed out here that Sue did not carry a Bouquet. Sue carried a Teddy Bear. (But the Teddy Bear was carrying a Bouquet).''

Beryl Harwood:-
''Well we shall all miss Karen's account of the wedding, it was certainly an occasion to remember .. if only for that hat!!

''I travelled by train and for once it was on time. The map provided by John was really good and I was outside the church by shortly after 11am. After studying the frontage and taking a couple of pictures I saw Sue walking round inside, so she let me in. Whilst at first I thought that a bit odd, the reception was in the adjoining hall, and she was still putting some finishing touches to the tables. John in the mean time was charging around trying to tie up all the loose ends to ensure the rest of the day ran smoothly.

''After scrounging a cup of tea from the kitchen and spending a few minutes helping Sue it was time to make my way to the church itself where I found Elaine and Clair. We were later joined by Jim and Helen and then by Adrian & Kathy H-H.

''Having spent some short time with Sue who was wearing her beautiful plum outfit with a jacket I was unprepared for her eventual arrival in the Church - at least 5 minutes late. She was wearing the most stunning hat! It was a wide brimmed affair covered in white ostrich feathers with the occasional plum ribbons - it was so large that John had to bend down to see her face when she joined him at the front.

''The ceremony was most enjoyable with a lovely selection of hymns and readings, all of which were signed for those unable to hear. It was a pleasure to have a congregation that actually joined in too! This was obviously due largely to Johns choral connections, but well aided by Jim who joined in with enthusiasm. Such a change from the usual feeble attempts found at most weddings when those present have never [or hardly ever] been inside a church and certainly have no idea of the words or tunes of the hymns being sung.

''Whilst the register was being signed we were serenaded by Faith Hammond singing 'The Rose' - I think many of those present were 'joining in' silently - I could certainly see John doing so.

''Following a photographic session outside we adjourned to the hall for a very nice buffet and the cutting of the cake that had been made and decorated by John - quite a confection. We were once again entertained, this time in 'sign' by the group with which Sue is involved, I am sorry I can't remember the correct name for them.

Music In Motion

''At 4pm the coach to take the Atherstone contingent arrived and we joined David at the Blue Boar for further celebrations and the 'Zetmeet' - which consisted mostly of an extension of the rest of the day. That is apart from the discussion of comparative sizes when Elaine refused to believe the size David quoted for his waist until Clair produced a tape measure so it could be verified - and then David took his revenge by making Elaine stand against the door post to have he height authenticated!!

Further pictures

''All in all it was a very good day and I am sure was enjoyed by all.

''Elaine I am sorry that the picture I took inside the church does not do your beautiful flowers justice.

''Karen, the time and effort you must have put into that cross stitch was much appreciated, it was really beautiful and I am sure it will be treasured, just such a pity you couldn't join us.

''Trev - you would *never have found the place!! There are so many roadwork's on the approach, I was glad David was driving on the return journey.

''Finally, I hope that the page I have created uploads alright so you can see the pictures I took of the day. It should be on my site shortly, but not linked so you will need - there is then a link from there to the actual pictures at the bottom of the page - I hope!

''Lovely to see you all again and here's to Runcorn on 12th April 2003.''

Beryl Harwood

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