The following is a transcript of a radio interview
that was supposed to be recorded live in the studio,
somewhere in the North East, on Thursday 04th February
- Alice Cooper's Birthday!

[transcribed by Davie Damnation - Thanks Davie!]

As you can see from the transcript it didn't go quite according to plan!

I don't know the radio station or the DJ's name so... to keep things simple, we'll just refer to him as DJ - just to be original! ;-)

The radio show started with the Studio version of 'Stay With Me Till Dawn' and then continued in the following fashion...

DJ: Judie Tzuke, perhaps one of her most famous songs, 'Stay With Me Till Dawn'. Judie will be in the North East over the next few days, she'll be at the Playhouse in Alnwick later tonight and she's at the Custom's House in South Shields on Sunday night. And, er, I'm rather upset because we were going to be... She was going to pop in to the show and have a chat with us this afternoon. She was going to come in to the studio 'live' but unfortunately, because of all these terrible conditions on the roads, she can't make it 'cause she's stuck in traffic. But we have got her on the ol' mobile phone. So that's better than nothing - Judie good to talk to you, so... after all these years, I mean, I was just thinking, you've been around for a long time now, but going back to the very, very, early days. Were you songwriting as a kid? You know when you were quite young?

Judie: Well I started writing a diary, really, when I was about 10 or 11, and I sort of put a little poem at the end of each page, and they sort of got bigger than the actual diary, eventually. And then I fell in love with my history teacher, who was into Bob Dylan, and started sort of playing guitar and writing songs to impress him really.

DJ: And were you foremost a writer? I mean did you see yourself as a writer in the early days or want to be up there on stage singing as well?

Judie: Do you... I didn't really think about it. I just did it. I never really thought I want to be anything. I just wrote and sung songs, and I liked it when my family thought it was good, and my friends thought it was good, and so it just kind of encouraged me to do more.

DJ: And then later you signed to Rocket Records, Elton John's label, and it was quite a high profile sort of period then wasn't it?

Judie: Yeah, very high profile and I kind of thought it would always be like that... but I was wrong! {LAUGHS}

DJ: So what of about those days? I mean you toured with him in the States?

Judie: I did, yeah. That was a fantastic experience. It was a bit of a shame because at the beginning of the tour he left our record label to join Geffen and left MCA. And the only way that they could get back at him, because they were angry at him, was withdrawing all tour support for us! So we did a 3 month tour in America, concluding in Central Park for 450,000 people, without any records in the shops or any promotion or anything.

DJ: And I mean...

Judie: It was a bit of a shame.

DJ: this day there's been a bit of a problem actually getting hold of some of the back albums as well isn't there?

Judie: There is, yeah. We're actually in the process of getting the first three back. I think Elton's going to let us have them back, erm... because with all his sort of problems that he's got. I think he now owns all the back catalogue, erm, and he's sort of basically said that if he does then he'll give them back to me.

DJ: Your first hit, the song which we've played, Stay With Me Till Dawn, is the one that people remember and then there were other songs like 'For You' and, what's that, was it 'Understanding'? Do you still play that - it was one of my favourites.

Judie: No, I don't sing 'Understanding' but we're always asked for it. I did do it last year on my birthday because we did a gig in Brighton on my birthday and erm... I did it then, but it's such a hard song to sing, and there's so many words and I can only really do that when I'm doing a one-of gig somewhere because it always does my voice in for the day after.

DJ: And these days you're really in control of everything yourself aren't you?

Judie: Hmm, yes. Well that's partly through necessity and partly through choice, you know it's good for us to be like that. I mean you know our records aren't available in the shops now, not the new ones anyway, you can only buy our CDs on mail order or on the Internet. We have a telephone line that is like an information line and you can buy the stuff and do what ever you like, really... {laughs} find out anything you want on the telephone line. I don't know if you're allowed to do that kind of thing?!

DJ: But, it's a great way for artistes to keep in touch with their fans and so forth, having Web Sites or whatever. You can interact very quickly with fans can't you?

Judie: That's right, yeah, I mean that's the easy way... if you're on the Internet it's very easy to just look us up, but if you're not then you just have the telephone number I suppose.

DJ: And how about the new album, Secret Agent, which has been out for a short while now, tell us a little bit about it. How long did that take to put together?

Judie: Well it should have been out last October, September/October, but I was very ill last year so I couldn't do the vocals until later on. And it took probably about 5 to 6 months to put it together. It's all new songs. I love it as an album. It's my favourite one I've done so far, erm... it's actually easier for you to talk about it than me because you can be more objective about it than I am! {laughs}

DJ: I mean it's your own studio you've got and everything too, isn't it?

Judie: Hmm, yeah.

DJ: And your daughter's actually involved on some of the tracks too, isn't she? Bailey?

Judie: Yeah. She's on two of the tracks and she really enjoys singing and she's getting really good now. So when I've finished the tour, in fact, we're going to do a few tracks with her. I don't know if we'll ever release them but just as... we've got the studio and she likes to sing.

DJ: How old is she?

Judie: She's 11. 12 this year.

DJ: Maybe following in your footsteps do you think?

Judie: Well it's up to her, it's really up to her. I've never encouraged her. In fact she didn't want to be a singer. She wanted to be an actress and, erm..., she wants... she did an acting audition for a Disney thing, which she actually got but at the audition one of the people said, 'Oh! Your name is Bailey Tzuke? Is your mother Judie Tzuke?' And she said, 'Yes, it is.' And they said, 'Oh we like her, what's your favourite track of your mothers songs?' And she said, 'I don't like any of them.' {laughs} So she's quite healthy...

DJ: Oh? That's good. Kids can always be brutally honest, can't they? So the tour it's going well?

Judie: It's going very well. I could do without this weather. I must say - it's been a very scary drive today.

DJ: How long do you actually stay on stage then Judie?

Judie: About nearly two hours but we have a... we do a 45-50 minute and then we have a sort of a 20 minute break and then we do another sort of about 50 minutes and then if they like us we come out and do a couple more songs.

DJ: And it's a mix of old and new?

Judie: Yes, it is. There's a lot of new stuff 'cause, you know, this is our way of letting people hear the new stuff but we do do, like, some of the old so called favourites.

DJ: So Alnwick tonight and you're back in the North East at South Shields at the Customs House on the 7th?

Judie: Yes, that's right, yeah.

DJ: Well have a great time. I'm sorry we couldn't actually talk to you in the studio but we'll blame it on the wind.

Judie: Well we were on our way but we've been sort of... we've been sent off the road because there's too many lorries turned over. So we're, erm... yeah! I don't think... we'd definitely never get there in time.

DJ: Well glad to talk to you, we'll play something now off the new album. Judie thank you very much.

Judie: Thank you, very much, thank you.

**** Studio Track - Dancing With Charcoal ****

DJ: Judie Tzuke from her new album, Secret Agent, that's 'Dancing On Charcoal' with backing vocals from 11-year-old Bailey Tzuke, star of the future there. Don't forget Judie at the playhouse in Alnwick later tonight and you can also catch her at the Custom's House in South Shield's on Sunday. And as she's mentioned all her albums being sold by mail order now and if you'd like to get more information the telephone number 01932 859472, 01932 859472.

And if you've got access to the ol' Internet, it's**
and if you give me a ring I can repeat those details for you. It's 4:30.......

The End.

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