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Blasts from the Past!

Adrian Melia and Mick Danby
with Jude
Manchester Apollo
October 1983

sent by Mick Danby

Jude with Chuck Padgett
Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
8 February 1999

sent by Chuck Padgett

Mick Danby sent this saying:-
Simon Walker sent me this photo;
he took it at Workington on the
''first half'' tour - i thought you
might like to add it to your site.
(6 April 2000 - see how they've changed since '83!)

The following pix were taken at
The Beck Theatre, Hayes on 27 Feb 1999

[onstage pix are on Davie's site ~ click the link at the foot of this page]

Well they do
if your name
is Sue Haley!! :-)

After the show, Judie came out into the bar area to sign autographs
with a little help from her daughter, Tallulah

It was Paul Muggleton's
birthday but
only ONE candle???

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