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Ian Barnett
Kingsbridge, Devon

Probably the only Quaker on the list! An enthusiast at the beginning, saw Judie in Torquay in 1980- this concert exists on tape and it was quite something to hear it again lately. Nearly 19 years later I heard the Secret Agent clips on the website and remembered how good she was, and the Wimborne gig last month proved it.

Krystyna Boswell

About me: singer-songwriter hailing from London, but now living in West Midlands. Have enjoyed Judie's music since 1979 when I first heard 'For You' on the radio. First gig was at the Hammersmith Odeon in September 1982. Favourite gigs were those Judie did at Ronnie Scott's in Birmingham (long since gone and now, alas, a lap dancing club). Married to Geoff who has also been into Jude from the beginning. We met in 1997 through our mutual love of Jude's music.

Other musical likes include : Kate Bush, marillion, Happy Rhodes, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Mediaeval Baebes, Tori Amos, Muse, modern folk fusion.
Enjoys belly dancing (beginner!), walks by the sea, and old movies.

copyright Krystyna Fitzgerald-Morris

Alan Brodie
Tennessee, USA

I first picked up on Judie's music in 1979 when Stay With Me Till Dawn was released. I remember playing the record on the radio for the first time... and the last time! Sadly she never has made a name for herself here in the states but I have remained a loyal fan just the same. I've never seen her perform live but if I ever get a chance to visit the UK I hope to plan that around one of her shows. It's hard to say what my favorite album is but Secret Agent, Wonderland and Welcome To The Cruise are surely among them. .

Mick Danby & Teresa Driscoll

See Mick's website:
Judie Tzuke Chord Charts
He's the man with all the chords!
Mick said... I'm just south of Chester le Street, County Durham. I first saw Jude at Leeds Grand Theatre in '80, only missing out on the Phoenix tour since.

Sue Greetham

Like many Judie Tzuke fans (I discovered one today!) I remembered Stay With Me Till Dawn and wondered whatever happened to her after that? When I visited Davie's site I found that she is still going and stronger than ever. See! Davie does have his uses! ;-)

Bob Harrison

I hate talking about myself. However, here goes ...
Like a lot of people I first encountered Judie's music in 1978 with "For You" although I didn't actually buy one of her records until 1979 when "Stay With Me Till Dawn" was in the charts. Since then, of course, I've bought (almost) everything - missing a few singles/compilations - and seen her many times in concert though not since 1997. I live in hope of Jude & the band getting a bit closer to Bristol so I can see them again.

My favorite Jude album is usually whichever one I'm playing though if push came to shove I'd probably pick "Under The Angels" as my most favorite. I don't think I could possibly select a favorite individual song.

Non-Jude favorites are pretty varied though I still tend to be attracted to singers with outstanding voices like Shara Nelson or Jessye Norman (check out her singing of Strauss' 4 Last Songs to hear a vocal crescendo that cannot be described).
Non-Jude favorites are pretty varied though I still tend to be attracted to singers with outstanding voices like Shara Nelson or Jessye Norman (check out her singing of Strauss' 4 Last Songs to hear a vocal crescendo that cannot be described).

My CD/vinyl collection has a wide variety in it, from the Beach Boys to Puccini, from kd Lang to X-Ray Spex or from Paul McCartney to Glenn Miller. Like a lot of Secretagents (it seems) I also have a large number of Kate Bush CDs. However, I do not own records by Steps, 5ive, Britney or Jive Bunny.

Trivia stuff: Fave sweet - Creme Eggs or Licquorice Allsorts (the coconut ones). Fave animal - cats (I have two : Zephyr & Fudge). Fave TV show - Dynasty (I said "fave" not "best" !!!). Fave colour - don't have one. Job - after 14 years doing clerical work for BT, I left and now do clerical work for IKEA (who said frying pans & fire). Home - Bristol born & bred (apart from the 3 years in Scotland). Pastimes - running (hence the pic), generally keeping fit, eating chocolate & biscuits (energy for running obviously), watching TV (rest is an important part of keeping fit). I like a lot of sci-fi but I am not a buff - I couldn't tell you who played the third alien from the left in series 8, episode 7 of "The X-Files". My favorite Star Trek is "The Next Generation".

There you go Sue - not a bad bit of scrawl from someone who started by saying they don't like talking about themselves is it?
{Excellent, I say ;-) Sue}

Darren Hirst
living in Croydon

been listening to Jude since '79
only Baptist Minister on the list

Roderick Hoffman
Northolt, London

The photo of me is current,
the Bermuda background
was taken last August.
It's a more interesting
backdrop than my living room.

Roderick has reworked the artwork on the British cover
of ''I Am The Phoenix'' and it looks GREAT! ... view it

Olin Jenkins
Columbia, South Carolina, USA

I still keep ''Secret Agent'' in my CD-ROM player for my clients to hear, the second phase is to show the interested folks my Judie catalog, and the *final* phase is to take this tape to my Aiwa cassette deck, which can shuttle through the first five seconds of each of these tunes:
For You, The Choices You've Made, City of Swimming Pools, Love on the Border, Jeannie No, Love Like Fire, We'll Go Dreaming, Outlaws, Bad Dream, Stay with Me Till Dawn [the ''Over the Moon'' version], and The Girl I Want to Be.

Tony Kavanagh

I vaguely recall you taking my piccie although Jamie and Tallulah were trying to steal the limelight (some chance eh?), so in case you don't have the details I am Tony Kavanagh, currently of Norwich. A typical Lancastrian and Aquarian ( best possible mix) and a member of the 20 year club, but you never could tell ;-))

Huw Knight

I've been following Jude since I heard "4U" coming out of my transistor radio whilst I was laying in bed one night as a teenager. The magical voice entranced me, and I had to find out more. The next day, having ascertained the name of the owner of "the voice", I rushed out to buy Cruise..... the rest, as they say, is history.
I've attended every tour since Sportscar, and had one or two hair raising moments along the way, like the gig at Loughborough Uni on the Ritmo tour during my student days, when I'd arranged for my landlady to come from Leicester at 10.30 to pick me up, only for the support band Any Trouble, to have only just left the stage..... the debate... to anger my landlady or miss Jude.... no contest ! 12.30 I'm ringing my landlady to come and get me again... the cheek of these students !!

I've trekked up and down the country to see Jude, and will continue to do so for as long as she tours !! Best gig... too numerous I guess, but the first Wavendon gig in 97 was pretty amazing, as was the set she did at the BIC in Bournemouth in '90 (?) at an AIDS charity gig.

Fred Koene

As some of the agents portrayed in your gallery appear to be musicians themselves I thought I could send you a photograph of me, indulging one of my greatest passions. I suppose that's the reason why I prefer Jude's albums on which real drummers appear (instead of computers and drum machines)
Paul Beavis is my favourite now, but Simon Phillips' drums on 'Sukarita' has remained an all-time favourite on my personal practice tape.

Here's another picture of Fred and his wife Karin - taken at the Tzukestock Festival

Keith Marriott

I've been into Judie's music since the first album and saw her several times in the early 80's-then lost touch with her music after 'The cat is out'. Then saw her twice last year and finaly got her autograph; but not in person.
I guess I never really realized how much I liked that lady until I found out that my ex-girlfriend died her hair blonde (and had it curled) because she thought it made her look like Judie!!!

Keith has created some artwork from a photograph of Judie ~ view it

Adrian Melia
and his wife Maria

Davie ''Damnation'' Millar

MUCH better picture, Davie,
you don't look like a ruin in this one!!
Is that you in the foreground??

Davie's website
This is part of an SA post from Davie - just to demonstrate how MAD he is!:

I had been attempting for several months to get the local Rock DJ to play something of Judie's on his show. Every time I asked for Judie he played Alice Cooper or Marillion, which were the other two artistes I used to ask for. Eventually I had to take drastic steps!!!

I just happened to have a 6 foot by 3 foot piece of chipboard lying around - as you do. Anyway I cut the chipboard into the shape of a cross. Painted it. Covered it in drawings and proceeded to write the request on both sides of the cross. The front of the cross had ten paragraphs each starting with the letters J.U.D.I.E.T.Z.U.K.E. The rear of the cross was upside down and had 11 paragraphs A.L.I.C.E.C.O.O.P.E.R. - The Good and the Bad - Hey come on, it was years ago!?!?! ;-)

It was then drilled at the top and a chain inserted, making it into a pendant! ;-) Then carefully wrapped in black paper one side, white the other. Again covered in drawings, etc.

One of my mates and myself then took the cross through the heart of Glasgow on Good Friday. Our faces chalk white, dressed all in black. Nearly gave the receptionist a heart attack! ;-)

The outcome - His show is on at midnight and he couldn't get into the record library!!! However he mentioned the request and promised he would play Judie Tzuke on the show next week. The request was actually mentioned on about four other radio shows who were commenting on the cross.

He played Black Furs the following week - we had managed to break the mold!!!!!! ;-)

I should point out that this request was followed by a pretend 6 foot bass guitar (autographed by Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt) and a 6 foot statue of Alice Cooper, both of which were sold for charity. The cross however he didn't sell - something about it being the weirdest request he'd ever recieved!!! ;-)

Chuck Padgett
Charlotte, North Carolina

a shot of me in my best ''Secret Agent'' attire
holding my weapon of choice: electric guitar!

Tony Rose sent this:
'' I drew this way back in 1983. (anyone who has 'Sportscar' will recognise it). It has been enjoyed only by me until recently, when I aquired this technology! and sent it to the e-mail contact address on I guess they get too much crack-pot mail from people like me, eh? However, I should be most happy for any fellow Judie Tzuke fans to have access to my humble scribble, should they wish to.

Tony Rose''
view Tony's pic of Jude

Jon Sandys
Hampshire born and bred, now in Tonbridge, Kent

Nick Smith

I've been a fan since day one I suppose you could say (since stay with me till dawn was in the charts anyway). My first tour was the Phoenix tour in '82. Never missed a tour since!!!!! Somebody (my guardian angel possibly) has always kept me informed of Judie's activities. I've never lost touch with her releases or tour dates, not in twenty odd years thanks to the fan club. Paul even 'phoned me at home once to tell me of the gig at the Jazz Cafe in London. Thank-you Paul!!!!! I was at the Roadnoise gig, and usually attend gigs in the London area. Judie's homeground so to speak (her words not mine!!)
It goes without saying that I have every album, and have had every release as soon as it was available. I've been in the process of replacing them all on CD, I have one on order and one to find. Ironically my favourite seems to be the last I will replace (Turning stones). All They Can Do Is Talk brings back such memories of the '85 gigs, I went twice that year too, to Slough and Hammersmith in London. Probably (for me anyway) the best venue to see Judie.

Ian Taft

Simon Walker
taken at Tzukestock '99

who gave me no further information!

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