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Introduction by Andrew Boulton. Photos and additional text by Sue Haley

We are students at Walsall College of Art and Technology, currently studying for a BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts. This includes all aspects of theatre work from acting to costume design, etc.

For our first assignment we had to plan and stage a performance at the new Art Gallery in Walsall. At the time this was still a building site and the presentation was to be called ''SITE'' and could be interpreted in whatever form we wished.

The performing arts students worked in groups, each group presenting their own visual interpretation of ''SITE'' with a piece lasting anything from three to seven minutes.

In the event, they were not able to stage the performance at the new gallery for reasons of safety,
so the present Art Gallery was their backdrop.

The presentation opened and closed with the same vocal piece.
This was the only time that words were used...
but they were random words which sometimes echoed
from one to another, given meaning only by their
delivery and the reactions they provoked.

Andrew and Matthew posited that distasteful or bizaar
things can prove to be enjoyable if we are brave enough
to try them!

(dubbed by the students as ''the custard and the wall'')

Lisa and Kate...
the magician and the doll but...
which is which?

Sarah oversees as Matthew and Ricki
play out the battle of Good and Evil

Sam (out of shot) Dan and the two Chrises
gave a family tale of changing relationships

A touching portrayal by Lucy,
Craig, Jason and Andy of love
discovered in a deserted gallery.

Rebecca and Sarah are dance students

Their dance portrayed a struggle for control

Heather and Steph
presented a piece
about boundaries.

After releasing her
counterpart from
inside the mirror,
Steph finds that she
has been tricked and
is trapped there herself.

''The Dress''

The absence of the spoken word
is no problem to Nana, who is
profoundly deaf. Here, she and
Steph show that communication
barriers can be overcome by
gesture... with a little effort
from both sides! ;-)

Feedback session at
the end of rehearsals

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