"show1" SHOW1

Here is what Kevin said about the poster:-

''The five paintings shown (the four seasons and the small centerpiece) are among the most recent of my works, and will of course be included in the show. The loose theme of all the works in the show is the relationship between man and his Creator, the eternal romance between God and the human soul. I'm intending (against the advise of the gallery owner) to use the same model in every picture to better convey the sense of one-on-one intimacy that each one of us can have with the Lord. I think it's apropos in this case, with regard to the symbolism I'm employing. Last week I completed my eighth painting of this model, and I still have about fourteen more ideas for this particular series.''

In fact...
The official opening of Kevin's one-man show took place
on the evening of Saturday, November 13th at:
Matthew Cruz Gallery of the Arts
1200 North Main, Suite 100D
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Phone# (714) 835-5555

There was a ''meet the artist''/poster signing the week before,
on the afternoon of Saturday, November 6th at:
Picture Perfect Framing & Gallery
16470 Bolsa Chica
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Phone# (714) 846-7374

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