Runcorn II *The Revenge'*

Second lap...

Adrian H-H

at the ''first sitting''

''Well, having just safely returned home from my first Zetmeet - all I can say is wow, I shall endeavour to get to the next and stay overnight and bring my 'other half' as it is a wonderful experience.'' (Adrian H-H)

Stephanie, Aidan & John Greetham

looking just like a scene from a soap opera!! Crossroads, perhaps?

'' Across the room Sue Haley and Chris were 'signing' sweet nothings to each other and Aidan and Stephanie were whispering into each other's ears. Had love come to Runcorn? The bearded men were deeper in conversation and I suspected they were discussing Dun connections and shareware.'' (Karen Mossman)

Chris Robinson
& Rob Nicholson

Peter Houlding
and John Colloff

''When I saw a bike outside that looked more the size of a car I realised that Peter Houlding had arrived - and yes we got to hear 'everything' about the blue mugs.............'' (Sue Alexander)

Beryl Harwood

''I for one had a great time - even if I did complain about the excessive number of cameras pointing in my direction!! Now we just have to await the results. [gulp]'' (Beryl Harwood)

''There were so many cameras in the room that it must have been difficult to get a photograph that didn't have lots of them staring back - just remember folks I have equally horrible ones of you {eg} can we make some sort of deal? I don't put yours on my page if you leave me off yours? {g}'' (Sue Alexander)

''Adrain managed to arrived before they stopped serving food and over half an hour before the time that SueH guessed he would.'' (Sue Alexander)

''Adrian finally arrived, late as usually, with a tee-shirt proclaiming, he was mad bad and dangerous to know '' (Karen Mossman)

'' All in all it was a Zetmeet to
remember, a real live .local''

''Runcorn II the Revenge had started. But revenge of what? The beards! Yes the bearded men lead by Paul Martin certainly made an impression as they huddled together discussing pop accounts and dial up networks.'' (Karen Mossman)

''Who really believes that the furtive pair [Adrain and Chris Haley] with their notebooks set up at the end of the room were actually trying to get the modem to work on Chris's?
It looked far more like a very bad case of addiction :)''
(Sue Alexander)

Trev, Tony, Adam, Elaine

John & Karen

Steve, Ann & Karen

Adam, Tony Adrain & Ian

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