Runcorn II *The Revenge'*

First lap...

Elaine Jones
busy sorting the badges and coasters
''Elaine the stickers and coasters were great and I do hope lots more people will want to buy one [or more].'' (Beryl Harwood)

Trev Hartley
found it without getting lost! (Okay... so he was there the last time but that doesn't mean he couldn't get lost)

John Greetham

Mark Trudgill

''. . . and only JG had the courage to wear ''the hat'' while ordering a drink. The hat declared the wearer to be a ''Zetnut'' (Dave Jackson)

''The first surprise was Trudgill. Runcorn is a long way from Orkney so I hadn't expected to meet the man who thinks a woman's place is in the kitchen! This big brash Yorkshire man had moved back to his roots, or was it just to for meet?'' (Karen Mossman)

still working hard!

Duncan Rose, Trev Hartley
& Chris Haley
puzzling it out.

er... I reckon it's a laptop!

Adam Thorn
''Oh no! She's taking my picture!!''

''The red Chenille jumper also made an impression including the gentle giant in it. Young Adam and The Brat were a far cry from this deep voiced Geordie with a shy smile. (And he had a beard!) '' (Karen Mossman)

Paul Martin, ''No... no...!!

...Oh well.... I suppose so.''

''Did Paul Martin get fed up of people saying he was a lot younger than they expected?'' (Sue Alexander)

Ann Wolstenholme,
Mollie & Dave Jackson
who, incidentally, doesn't like having his picture taken either!

Adrian Haigh-Hutchinson,
Mark Trudgill & Adam Thorn.

Dave Ackrill in the foreground.

The Cake!
''Beryl Harwood's cake seemed too nice to cut up as it featured 'Runcorn, the Revenge' and round the side was the Aintree racecourse. And if you looked carefully the jockeys were little Z's with hats on. And it tasted as good as it looked.'' (Karen Mossman)

Sue Haley
It's a terrible photo and
I was very tempted to delete it!

Tony Anson
surprised us all!

''Tony Anson was my second surprise; he was Sherlock Holmes without the hat and pipe. '' (Karen Mossman)

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