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Runcorn II *The Revenge*

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The Runcorn II Zetmeet was held again at
The Preston Brook Travel Inn

easy to find... (i'n'it Trev?)

First lap... early evening

Second lap... after dinner

''Those of you who didn't go missed the best meet yet.'' (Sue Alexander)

During the evening I was collecting quotes - snippets which I overheard making me want to know what I had missed hearing before!! ;-)
Here are a few:-

My favourite!! :
"Anything less than three foot and I just can't see it!" (Kate Mottram)

"The police have informed me that a 4˝foot claymore is not a personal weapon" (Adrian Haigh-Hutchinson)

"I just don't use my big one any more!" (Sue Alexander)

"It used to scratch the hell out of the back of the bass guitar!" (Adrian Haigh-Hutchinson)

"You need a telephoto lens!" (Adrian Gothard)

This one came from .local afterwards:
''Well, it depends on the angle you catch it at as to whether its particularly visible or not.'' (Adam Thorn)

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