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This is YOUR chance to tell of an amusing encounter
with Jamie or Myhr

FLY Linda Moore

It was Monday morning and a group of bleary-eyed fans gathered in the hotel lobby. We were all in various stages of con-zeimers disease.

We'd been telling "true" stories and I told one from my beloved father-in-law who passed away Jan, 1995. Jake worked for a gas and oil drilling company. His job was to buy land rights where the company wanted to "sink a well." He often had to travel to rural areas of Southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

His company had drilled a test hole on the land of an older, very rural, gentleman. They went down 5000 feet but found nothing which is often the case. The old guy asked the company to move his outhouse over the dry hole so he wouldn't have to ever dig another "pit". [For those of you who don't know what an outhouse is, it's an outdoor toilet - use your imagination.]

Some time later, Jake was in the area and went back to check on the man. He was saddened to hear that the old guy had passed away. He talked with the man's grandson who told him what had happened.

"I found him in the outhouse." [Historical note: At this point in the story, most people would start to snicker but not me. I was absorbed in the story].

The grandson continued, "I think I know what happened. Granddad always held his breath until he heard 'it' hit the bottom."

It was only then that I realized I'd been "had" by one of the best. But that was not the first or only time. It's happened since. So, I'm naive.

Everyone in our little group got quite a chuckle, not only from the story but from my gullibility.

We went on to other subjects. I had my back to the registration desk and hallway. Not too much time had passed and Nora Leverson said, "I'm getting worried. I just saw a guy pass back and forth wearing rubber gloves and carrying a whip or something." I was too tired to turn around.

Jamie Murray said, "Oh, that's a fly wrangler." I turned to him and asked what that was. "Haven't you seen the size of the flies here? " Nora added, "They're like horse flies."

"But why do they call them fly "wranglers" and what do they do with a whip?" I asked trying to figure this out.

Jamie said, "Well, it's like horse wranglers. They use the whip like that to, I guess, herd them."

I accepted that. Sounded reasonable. Quite a bit of time passed and all of a sudden Jamie turned very seriously to me and said "Linda, there are no fly wranglers." He and everyone in our circle began laughing hysterically and I realized that I had been "had" again. Not by just one person this time, but by a whole group. I was in hysterics, incredulous that everyone had kept quiet for so long and that I was clueless.

OK, so I'm gullible. Couldn't we turn this into an endearing quality, please?
Maybe I'm just trusting (grin)?

Linda Moore

This came to me from IrishRose
Hi Sue,

I was browsing through your site when I saw the ''Myhrth'' section and I just had to add my story from this summer's con, so here it is:

Having been on some of the Beauty and the Beast online forums I had already heard about Myhr prior to attending the con, but I still had no idea what I was in for. It began at the Opening Ceremonies during the fashion show. Myhr strolls out wearing Vincent's cloak while "I'm Too Sexy" is playing. Well my mom happened to be sitting right next to the catwalk (how appropriate is that?) when he began ''dancing'' for her. She said if she would have had a dollar handy she would have given it to him.

Later on in the autograph line we learned that if you wore the ''Myhr's Lair'' shirt Myhr would autograph it for you, so we run upstairs, put the shirts on and ran back down. Well my mom hit the front of the line first. Myhr tells her to take a deep breath and he starts to sign her shirt (where else?) on her chest. After he's finished she tells him ''wait until you see what's coming.'' Okay, I'm a bit big in that area. So I go up there and he tells me to take a deep breath. Like an idiot I listen to him. The next words out of his mouth are ''thank you.''

Jenn ~~~>~~>~@

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