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Secret government tests in bio-genetics led to the BIO WARS of the early 21st century. To put an end to the conflicts and maintain peace, the government sanitized society, believing that if everyone dressed the same, read the same books, watched the same programs--did everything the same way--then there would be no conflicts, no crime, no wars.

Everything became grey....

An artist and musician, MYHR (or, what he once was) was chosen as a subject for some of the early bio-experiments. Crossed with a bobcat, his senses and talents were increased, but so was his need for independence.

Escaping from the laboratory compound, MYHR came across an old television station, shut down years earlier when the government took over the airwaves. Here he met up with a ragtag group of fun-loving mercenaries that would come to be known as "the Imaginators".

In an effort to prevent the Bio Wars, the Imaginators sent MYHR through a time vortex back to the 20th century, to ensure that people continue to use their imaginations, creative talents, and--especially--their sense of humor.


Since his arrival in this time frame, MYHR has made quite an impression on the populace. (Good or bad, remains to be seen!)

Using a Midwest television station as home base, MYHR has made appearances around the world, inspiring the people to make use of all of their creative talents, and to make sure they have FUN at the same time.

Traveling to a variety of different sf/fantasy conventions, MYHR has been able to convey his message through his entertaining emcee work. Photo-realistic illustrations by his mild-mannered alter-ego, Jamie, also encourage the release of the spirit of creativity.


Born in the beer capital of the U.S. (Milwaukee), raised in the heartlands (Omaha), and now living in the Lone Star State (Dallas), Jamie has led quite an interesting life--and, in some aspects, it's really just beginning...all over again!

A shy, introverted kid, Jamie would escape to his own little world to read adventure novels, spend hours drawing, or build scale models. In high school, he found he could become "someone else" by singing in rock bands. In college, he put his various talents to use in TV broadcasting, as well as starting his own photography business.

Wanting to do something a bit more elaborate for Halloween, he and some friends started dabbling in special makeup effects in '86. This opened a Pandora's Box and planted the seed for the development of a lion-man character that would, in '92, come to be known as "MYHR".

'92 also brought a chance encounter with noted artist Keith Birdsong, who kicked Jamie in the proverbial butt and started him on a whole new tangent--illustration.

Who knows what'll come next...?


Myhr as emcee began quite by s/f convention needed an M.C. and thought that since Jamie worked in television, he could do it. Introverted and quiet, Jamie said he could do it if he hid behind his cat mask; it was just the ingredient that was needed!

For years, there was always a separation between the masquerade contestants on stage and the people in the audience; there was even a distance between the M.C. and the contestants.

Since he was in costume along with them, Jamie put the nervous contestants at ease: the audience, used to seeing a stuffed shirt in a tie, suddenly were drawn into what was happening on stage.

The long-held barriers were broken down. Instead of an audience watching a show, separated by the proscenium arch, everyone became part of the show!

And, it's most evident when Myhr makes a return engagement, for everyone knows that they're encouraged to participate: contestants work Myhr into their skits, and the audience is more vocal in relating to what's happening on stage. It's no longer a's a party!

Sadly, Myhr has now retired from emcee work and will no longer be seen at conventions ;-( There is a video-tribute to him - contact NovTek for details.

More sound and pictures follow!

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