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The Eleventh
Midlands Zetmeet

was held on
8th November 2008

We met as usual at The Armada 4pm onwards...
...then convoyed to Sue's house.

We dined at The White Horse ... menu.

...then went back to Sue's house for the rest of the evening.


Sorry this report took so long but we were too busy having a good time!

We gathered at the Armada as usual. As usual Dave Jackson was there first. Elaine arrived a little while after Chris and me. JG met Clair from the train and took her on a Cook's Tour... finally arriving at the Armada before his Guiness went flat! We toasted absent friends before we left to come back to Sue's.

Much nattering ensued as we all caught up on our life developements. I gave Dave and Elaine copies of the Jake Thackray dvd which they had requested. Clair showed us her new toy - an eee! She had been hoping for a tutorial from Paul (see below) We travelled to The White Horse in time to be seated for 6.30pm. The first thing that happened then was that we were given an A4 sheet listing all the things on the menu which were unavailable! I knew when I booked, that they were closing today for a refurb (seems to be contagious round here) but I hadn't extended the thought to the kitchens. We all managed to find something to tempt us and I think most of us enjoyed our meals which were very good value.

After ordering, everyone was given the written quiz - 25 questions. That took us well into the main course when the "spot the difference" quiz was handed out. I think it was over coffee (Chris' treat) that the last sheets were handed in. The winner of the quiz was Dave and the "spot the difference" winner was Clair. At one stage we had a "conference call" from Paul Martin who was not well enough to make the journey.

Presentation of prizes took place back at the house - A USB christmas tree each. It lights up and changes colour.

More chatting and beverages followed and the Special Cake, in the shape of the number 11, which I had spent "Hours" preparing ((!)) was consumed before anyone thought to take a photograph ;-(

Dave had to leave first and later Chris took his leave as he had to work today. JG stayed to chat and sing (of course) and whilst I made another copy of "Jake on the Box" for him, we watched the second half and we were all in tucks! JG departed for home a little before midnight. Elaine and Clair stayed over and chatted for a while longer but Ricky, who normally goes to bed at 10pm, was looking most disgruntled so we retired and left them to it.

Both my houseguests slept well and we rose this morning for a leasurely brunch at The Pear Tree Creperie - and very nice it was too! Elaine met up with an online friend and Clair and I went to look round the Sutton shops before coffee/hot chococate (mit whipped cream yet) at Fridays. I took Clair to the station in plenty of time for her train back to Edinburgh.

I am sorry to say that this was the last of the Midland Zetmeets.

ps: Quiz and "spot the difference" were posted/uploaded separately.

Exit Motorway M6 at Junction 6 and follow signs for A38 local road (DO NOT take A38M)
This brings you out onto a roundabout underneath the junction (see pic below).
Take FIRST left and in a few yards turn RIGHT into side road leading to the pub car park.
Enter pub at top of staircase.

Click here for a close-up google map of Junction 6

This image from google satellite!

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