The Tenth Midlands Zetmeet
17th November 2007

We assembled at around 4pm at The Armada pub by Junction 6 of the M6 where we stayed only until we knew that Trev was ''in the area'' and would meet us at Sue's house! We then travelled to Miniva Drive in Walmley to await his arrival. Dogs were walked and chat took place (don't ask me, I was walking the dog!)
We only needed two cars to go to The Fox for our carvery meal and two drivers were duly nominated and elected. The food was the usual high standard of three choices of roast meat and a selection of vegetables although gravy was in short supply. Some of us partook of dessert whilst others watched. Finally we returned to Sue's for coffee, tea and the celebratory cake...

The celebratory cake...

...was made by me (Suue) as Beryl was unable to attend.
Though I say it myself ;-) it was a superbly iced [!] Genoa cake.
The icing took me a very long time [!] as I wanted it to be special.
The photo does not do it justice [!]

[!]= if you believe any of this you don't know me at all... but the cake was very good

above: Paul Martin & Clair Barrass - duelling laptops

above right: Dave Jackson, Chris Haley, Trev Hartley & Elaine Jones

right: John Greetham (JG)

below: JG shows his hand made clock to Paul & Clair

below those: Trev, Elaine and Suue (with a cold)

A quiz was held which provided good entertainment. Only one question stumped everyone. I retired at midnight because of a cold but the party ended around 2am when those not staying the night left for home. Elaine, Clair and I had brunch at TGI Fridays before Elaine set off for Corwen and I took Clair to the station in plenty of time for her train to Edinburgh.
Thanks to all who attended for a smashing get-together.

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