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The Seventh Midlands Zetmeet

(formerly Birmingham, Lichfield, Atherstone)

was held on
20th November 2004

We met at The Armada 4pm onwards...

We ate at The China House Restaurant in Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield at 6pm...see menu

...then went back to Sue's house for the rest of the evening.

There is a report below

Elaine stayed at Sue's (first come, first served) and Trev stayed at the Premier Lodge nearby. details

Exit Motorway M6 at Junction 6 and follow signs for A38 local road (DO NOT take A38M)
This brings you out onto a roundabout underneath the junction (see pic below).
Take FIRST left and in a few yards turn RIGHT into side road leading to the pub car park.
Enter pub at top of staircase on opposite side to car park entrance.

Click here for a close-up map of Junction 6

7th Midlands Zetmeet Report

Text Message: For those taking bets, trevs current eta is around 4 depending on m6 to lodge and pub and he only missed 1 turn (so far) :) - trev 15:44:54

John & I arrived at the Armada at 4 o'clock and Dave was just parking his car. Elaine appeared a few moments later and we all four went into the pub together. We sat near the door so that we could be easily seen.

We chatted...

Text Message: New eta 4.30 I hope - trev 16:17:15

So I said to Dave - ''Who d'you reckon will arrive first; Trev or Paul?'' "Trev" he replied "Paul will take his time."

Paul arrived at 4:30. No sign of Trev.

We chatted...

The (new) landlord was canvassing for the owner of the Zetmeet sign which I had fixed outside the door.

We chatted...

Text Message: Aggh! Trev cocked up again :) found lodge - if you want to leave pub I can call for directions otherwise will head for pub at top speed - pl text if former 17:10:07

I sent text asking if Trev wanted to go straight to the China House?

Text Message: Might be idea - finally found it ! 17:34:10

I sent text ''Found what?'' no reply

We decided to make our way to the restaurant. I called Trev and he was at the Premier Lodge so, rather than try to direct him from there I told him to wait and we would go and get him. At the China House I placed a circular printout of absent friends on the table. Paul, Dave and Elaine sat down, ordered drinks and I gave them the quizzes to do (as a team) whilst John and I went to get Trev. I travelled in Trev's car coming back to make absolutely sure that he didn't get lost! The others had nearly finished the quiz by the time we got back.

We chatted...

We had a super meal - those eating Chinese food decided to share so we each had a chance to try a bit of everything: Yuk Sung, Crispy Wan Tons followed by Duck with Fresh Orange Sauce, Fillet Steak Cantonese, Scallops with Ginger & Spring Onions and one other dish (which I didn't sample so I'm not sure what is was.)

We chatted...

We left the restaurant just after 8pm and travelled in convoy to my house - I went with Trev again!!

Shelley welcomed us (at first) then became suspicious - particularly of Paul, maybe because he too has a dog and wanted to be friends. Those who ignored her seemed to get away Scot Free! We drank copious amounts of coffee (hard drinks were offered) and ate John's lovely home made Bakewell Tart (new recipe - no flour) and M&S Chocolate Bites (scrummy) and...

We chatted...

John & I performed ''I Remember It Well'' in Sign Language (from the show last weekend) and Paul filmed a bit of it. We looked at pics of his dog (gorrrrgeous!)

We chatted... We chatted about lots of things: Computers, non-computers, the quizzes, photography, music, newsgroups, pets, the next Runcorn souvenir, you name it... if you've ever been to a Zetmeet you'll know. If you haven't... you really should try to get to one!

Dave left around 11:30 and I think it was about 1:30 when the rest of us called it a night.

On Sunday morning Elaine, John & I went to the Craft Centre and had lunch at the Pear Tree Creperie. Elaine bought a couple of prezzies before driving back to Wales.

John went to his choir practice and we rounded off the weekend by going to see ''Ladies In Lavender'' - Wonderful film! One piece of Kentucky Chicken shared with the dog was ''the icing on the cake''. Anything which happened after that is nobody's business but ours ;-)

There were two written quizzes that we did (the other one was photos of famous people) which I posted separately to the newsgroup.

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