All the artwork on these pages is copyright to Kevin Barnes.
If you see something that you would like to use... please ask!
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(There is an open letter from Kevin at the end of this page)

To view Kevin's Artwork choose from the list below
New - Informal photo of Kevin
Song Of Songs 8:6
A beautiful portrait of Vincent & Catherine first seen at A Distant Shore
The Blessed Damozel
A painting inspired by the poem by Rossetti on display at A Distant Shore
Legacy Of Love
Created especially for the cover of the zine Legacy Of Love by Rhonda Collins
Echoes Of The Heart
Black & white illustration created for the cover of the zine Echoes Of The Heart by Rhonda Collins
Unity - created to depict Father's message at the end of Dead Of Winter and available on a tee shirt from Rhonda Collins
... Three gorgeous black & white portraits of Diana which graced the covers of Jo's Journal:
Diana ~ April 1994
Diana ~ April 1995
Diana ~ April 1996
Kevin is also a fan of Phantom Of The Opera.
This is a beautiful study of Sarah Brightman.
Sign Of Love
Kevin drew this shortly after joining Laura's Cavern
The front cover of the conzine at Reflections and runner up in the 'best color art'.
Tale As Old As Time
Created for the cover of the conzine at Reflections A romantic piece in oils but in black and white. ~ 'Best In Show'
The Lily Maid Of Astolat
A portrait in oils of Diana - first seen at Reflections
Together As One
An exquisite pencil portrait of Vincent & Catherine as seen in the photograph frame in the oil painting: Home, also created for the Reflections con
Self Portrait
A self-portrait in oils with a distinctly Byronesque feel
Two book covers created in oils for Cinemaker Press
Beyond Words, Beyond Silence
- Novel by Nan Dibble
Lost Yesterdays, Impossible Tomorrows
- Novel by Kimberley Prosser & Lisa Swope
Bright Spirit Descending
Unfortunately, the colour version is unavailable - this greyscale version graces the cover of the zine by Nan Dibble
Fruit of the Spirit
Not the first husband and wife, but rather the last, the ideal husband and wife.
A Moment
Pipped by only one vote at Virginia Beach for Best In Show
As She Fills His Dream
A beautifully sensitive pencil portrait of Catherine ~ Best Black & White at Virginia Beach.
A Distant Shore
Specially Created in oils for the year 2000 convention ~ Voted Best In Show
A World Of Our Own
Vincent and Catherine in a world in between
Acquainted With The Night
Etherial study of Vincent over background poetry. (Mixed media)
A Mighty Song
Inspirational portrait of Vincent with journal. (Mixed media)
The draft Poster for Kevin's First One Man Show

All the artwork on these pages is copyright to Kevin Barnes.
If you see something that you would like to use... please ask!


From the studio of Kevin Barnes - gentleman artist
An Open Letter to Fandom

October 2002

To those who keep the candles burning...

Remember me? Tall, scraggly, uncertain, smiling yet somewhat sad, singer of songs in paint on canvas. Time has passed, and much has transpired since my absence from the tunnels, so I thought I'd drop by to say ''hi'' again.

''Hi again.''

For those who haven't heard it tapped out on the pipes, my little life has gone through some significant changes in the past few years. In the Autumn of 1999 my first one-man show - ''Beloved: The Divine Romance'' - opened at a small local gallery in Southern California. The exhibition consisted of a series of images inspired by the beauty and mystery of the romance between man and woman, and how this relationship is but a shadow of the spiritual love affair between God and the human soul. It was a song the Lord placed within my heart, and I sang it with all my might. Yet, for all the insights and philosophies I had about the nature of love, I was still studying it very much as though it were through a dark glass. It was true and beautiful, but largely theory.

Fast forward to February 2001...

At a christian art show where three of my paintings were on display, the entire hue and movement of my life was forever altered. Her name is Courtney. Through the noise and commotion of that crowded gallery, her smile and the quiet, gentle purity of her spirit reached out and touched some shadowy place just beneath my left rib - a chamber laced with cobwebs, where no light ever shone. Like the only foot in all the kingdom that would ever fit the glass slipper, her heart slipped into mine that blessed, blessed night, and snuggled into a hollow which had grown cold and numb with longing, with waiting, with hope deferred. It's as if she were somehow always meant to be there. She just glowed (you should have seen her that night - I still do, every time I close my eyes) and slowly her light began to warm and thaw what had grown so dark. And as I woke from this enchantment, this half-sleep of wonder, I realized, to my utter awe and amazement, that my waking world had been infused with a dream beyond all imagining.

''Because the birthday of my life is come - my love is come to me!''

In the following weeks we would begin a courtship (we never did really date - we just knew) which could be described as nothing less than divinely romantic. Six months, reams of e-mails and over one hundred love poems later, my beloved and I were sealed and consecrated to one another in a ceremony attended by family and a few close friends. Neither of us ever imagined any labor so hard, any trials so difficult, any blessings so voluminous, any joys so deep and abidingly beautiful as those which come from this miracle of marriage. And above and beyond it all, the honeymoon continues to this day. We expect it always will.

If I could pluck any one jewel from this crown of blessings and share it with you all, it would be this: when it comes to what I will call - for lack of a better term - ''true love,'' the real thing does indeed exist, and it makes Vincent and Catherine or any other love story or fairy tale you've ever heard before seem like a teardrop on paper compared to the swelling roar of the ocean. To love and be loved in such a way is to know the heart of God, our Creator, the Divine Lover of our souls. If you're married, ask God to pour the fullness of his love into your heart, then turn around and give it all away, selflessly, to your beloved spouse. If you are waiting for your soulmate, wait patiently (even 36 years if necessary!) and by all means wait purely, chastely (there's no adequate way of expressing in mere words on paper the joy of sharing your wedding night with your first, your last, your only). For those who have suffered the pain of loving and losing and being hurt by the very thing which is meant to bring joy, I weep for you - but through the tears I say that our God is a God of fresh starts and new beginnings, and that the very muck and refuse of the past can nourish the soil from which may spring the most beautiful white rose. And to everyone, whether or not you ever know the joy of earthly romance, I urge you to consider that there is a Lover, a King so passionate and devoted to you that he left his throne and crown and glory behind, put on the rags of a humble servant, and laid down his very life for you. His name is Jesus, and his arms are always open to you. None of us will ever know a greater love than his.

Now, on to the business of art...

Art-wise, things have been quiet... yet building. The ''Beloved'' series I started five years ago (with but a kind friend modeling for me) will most likely be left behind as but a preliminary sketch for the work which is now to come. After all, I now have the romance of a lifetime to illustrate and the most beautiful creature ever formed by the hands of God as a live-in model!

Due to the demands inherent in building a new career and a life and future for my wife and myself and - Lord willing, sometime soon - our children, I am no longer producing the 8''x10'' prints of my Beauty and the Beast art as I have in the past. I apologize for any disappointment this might cause. I am, however, now offering something which I feel far exceeds the former prints. Due to recent advances in the technology of reproducing fine art, I am (FINALLY! - for those of you who have heard me speak of it since the last convention in L.A.) able to offer genuine hand-signed canvas reproductions of my Beauty and the Beast painting ''A World Of Our Own''(winner of ''Best of Show” at A Distant Shore II in 2000). The image area of the piece is about 12''x24'' (only a few inches less than the original painting) and it will be shipped rolled in a heavy mailing tube for safety, with enough extra canvas left around the edges of the image so that it can be stretched and framed in the traditional manner or matted and framed under glass. The cost for each custom made reproduction is $200 (less than one-tenth of what the original painting sold for), plus $5 for shipping and handling. If you would like to see the painting online, it may be viewed on both my own site ( and the Laura's Caverns website. To order or obtain further information, please contact me via e-mail at I am also currently offering the last limited edition posters remaining from my first one-man show - ''Beloved: The Divine Romance.'' The 13''x19'' uv-coated card stock art print bears the image of my painting ''Seasons: Dissolution'' from the ''Beloved'' series (will also be viewable on my website) and is available while quantities last for $20. A brochure from the show, bearing multiple images from the series will be included at no charge.

Well, that's all the news that's fit to print for now. I will, of course, pass on information of any significant changes or happenings which might occur in the future . Otherwise, just assume that my beloved and I continue to explore and claim new corners of this Promised Land of God's love to which he's called us in Christ Jesus.

May the Painter of all beauty and the Singer of love's song light the chambers of your heart, illuminating the truth of just how precious you are in his sight...

'''For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.'''

Love and blessings to you all.

Always rejoicing,

Kevin Barnes (gentleman artist)

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