Please come into my garden...

This was my garden in Walmley
until I moved away in 2009

We begin at the front of the house with a gravel seascape.
The sumach (and the sun) has been added since the photo above.
A couple of close-ups
either side of the front door.

and below of some of the
plants in flower and a
detail of the trailing ivy.

A last look back (pre-sumach) before entering the house.

Walk through the house to the patio door...

The back garden had a small lawn (getting smaller every time I edged it!) with a number of friendly ornaments on it (covering the weed holes) and two small bird baths.
The addition of the three budlea plants greatly increased the visitors.

The hanging basket is composed of artificial flowers and leaves so it won't die in a drought. This is the winter one... I took the summer one down the week before.

The broom and the azalia are in full flower in this shot. The broom has a more reddish tinge than the photo shows. (The peone is artificial!)

For winter, the peone has been replaced by a purple hydrangea and deep red poppies.

In the far left corner there is a laurel which fans out behind a beautiful fern in summer and autumn.

In the near right corner lives a wizard among the grasses. A cordyline protects him from intruders.

One evening after sunset

the wizard cast a brilliant spell

and conjured a dragon to be beside him.

Some close-ups from the back garden...

Dicentra Spectabilis Alba or White Bleeding Heart. I used to get just one spray of it every year. Thanks to Elaine for identifying this.

Arum Lily fruit (unripe),House Leeks,
Budlea, Helebore,
Azalia, Laurel,
Welsh Poppy

Pictures that are missing... The Pyracanthus in full flower, the Arum Lily in flower, the Rose bush in flower and the summer hanging basket.

Just look at all the visitors!
Gatekeeper Butterflies, Large White,
Meadow Brown, Peacock,
Small Tortoiseshell, Cinebar Moth Larvae,
Jake - cat next door, Robin (you have to look!)
Snail, Toad (oops! He lives there)
Shelley barking at next-door's washing on the line.

some winter scenes...

I hope that this stroll through my former garden has given you some pleasure.

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