"She speaks with her hands, a beautiful language"

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Beauty at the Beach

Good Morning
Virginia Beach!

(photo taken from
our hotel room)

Men In Black?
Welcome our newest 'Special Member' of Laura's Cavern... David Schwartz

The Sign Language Workshop

Having lost a lot of weight
(and doesn't she look good!)
Melissa cannot now threaten
to sit on me!!

She can still get her
way though! ;-)

Samurai Myhr meets
Canus Erectus (Lisa Gould)

and Cruella DeVille (Janet Carper)
takes him (her?) walkies!


With a look like that...
who needs sign language?

Some of those attending the Sign Language Workshop came onstage in the Talent Show and showed what they had learned.

Jamie with
Angie Brush
at the banquet

David Schwartz,
Margaret Beserra
and Jay Acovone

Jackie Hunt
...complaining yet again
about having her photo taken!

We don't need sign language
to know what she's saying!!

Closing ceremony
Jay and David wait
at the back before saying goodbye

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Be Well and keep those hands busy!!!

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