"She speaks with her hands, a beautiful language"

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A Moment In Time 1997

Amber James
looks on whilst
Myhr uses his
presentation gavel
for the first time.

It was extremely hot and humid that weekend!

There is more than one way for a cat to keep cool...
There is the 'fanned by a fan' method or... ...just sit on the BIG fan!!
(Lynda Morgan is providing the breeze)

if you have a 'fan club' THAT's even better!!!

Cathy & Anne Maxwell, Sue Haley, Fareedah & Zoe Amin

Jaye Ayres and Tracey Wootten

Jamie Murray

Want to buy any photographs?

Sue makes another 'run' to
the photographers

Closing Ceremony
Christopher Toyne and Jamie Murray on the platform
as Amber James passes the flame to Sue Haley
to be taken to Virginia Beach in March 1998

Be Well and keep those hands busy!!!

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