"She speaks with her hands, a beautiful language"

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Members at Reflections

Peg McNabb, Sue Haley
& Jamie Murray

Jojo Pereira & Cecilia Ragaini

Jay Acovone

Linda Moore & Betty Salazar

Photo by Chris Haley
Rebecca Marcus with Jack Barker

New member Cecelia Pitts between Jay Acovone and Jamie Murray

Ann Jackson
makes a birthday wish...

...before Jamie devours the cake!
(while Jaye Ayres looks on)

Two more new members...

Pam Williams &...

...Gloria Jones with husband Dennis

What it takes to keep
Jackie Hunt in line!!!

Pam Tuck signing.... ...and being signed!

The Sign Language Workshop

Comparing notes
with Eric Tullis
I have the hair right
I'm still working
on the beard!

Photo by Chris Haley

Chris & Sue Haley
(don't ask!)

Jackie Hunt
in her "He's Not Dead" shirt!

Chris Haley with Melissa Prideaux

Melissa couldn't make it to the con so in one and a half hours at Chicago O'Hare we took the con to her...

...complete with in flight magazine, Winterfest Candles, tote bag, shower cap, shampoo & shower gel... ...anything we could lay our hands on really!!!

Be Well and keep those hands busy!!!

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