"She speaks with her hands, a beautiful language"


The Sign Language Workshop at A Kingdom by The Sea.
That's Melissa hiding away in the shadows!

Melissa is going to KILL ME
for putting this here!

"I remember it well"
Sue & Chris on stage in Norfolk
"She used to collect things..."

Images from An Impossible Silence "Hello... My name is Laura"

Some British members having a knees-up.
Left to right: Chris Haley, Mary Tummon, Adam Deville,
Amber James, Sue Evans, Sandra Deville, Jayne Armstrong

Winterfest 1994

Joyce Clarke & Marilyn Preston David Greenlee with Ruth Merry (and me on my knees) ...that's Tracey Wootten in the background

John Picton as Vincent... ...and as himself

Masquerades 1994

Laura's Cavern presentation

A Moment In Time 1996

Myhr with Zoe & Fareedah Amin Ruth Merry gives Roy Dotrice a lift!

Thank You For The Music

Jamie at Masquerades 1994 and A Moment In Time 1996

A Distant Shore

Linda Moore & Pam Lang Nancy Curles & Sue Haley

Left to right:Edward Albert, Ron Perlman, Caitlin O'Heaney, David Greenlee, Roy Dotrice
(only Ron is not a member of the Cavern - I would welcome the opportunity to enlist him!!!)

Be Well and keep those hands busy!!!

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