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What to find on these pages

These pages are packed with photos of members, taken at various conventions in England and in the USA.
Here's your chance to put a face to the name.
I would welcome any clear photo to be included here.
If you have such a photo... please e-mail me....

The first three pages are a mixture of photos from various conventions so...
I will list the people who appear there (alphabetically by first name!):

Page One
Adam Deville, Amber James, Bernadette Crowther, Caitlin O'Heaney, Chris Haley, David Greenlee, Edward Albert, Fareedah Amin, Jamie Murray, Jayne Armstrong, Joanna Pereira, John Picton, Joyce Clarke, Linda Moore, Marilyn Preston, Mary Tummon, Melissa Prideaux, Myhr, Nancy Curles, Pam Lang, Pat Bacon, Ron Perlman, Roy Dotrice, Ruth Merry, Sandra Deville, Sue Evans, Sue Haley, Tracey Wootten, Zoe Amin
& A group photo of the Workshop at A Kingdom By The Sea.
This page also has 3 pictures of Laura from AN IMPOSSIBLE SILENCE
and several links to other webpages on Deaf Issues.

Page Two
Amber James, Ann Jackson, Barbara Gompf, Caitlin O'Heaney, Cecilia Ragaini, Chris Haley, Claire Willars, Connie Moler, David Greenlee, Edward Albert, Eric Tullis, Gill Picton, Jamie Murray, Jay Acovone, Jaye Ayres, John Picton, Joyce Clarke, Judy Shimizu-Martinez, Lisa Howard, Marilyn Preston & Pat Bacon.

Page Three
Edward Albert, Ellie Hair, Jackie Hunt, Jamie Murray, Jaye Ayres, John Picton, Kevin Barnes, Marit Rasmussen, Melissa Prideaux, Nancy Curles, Nicky Shephered, Ritch Brinkley, Roy Dotrice, Ruth Merry, Sally Newman, Sharon Avery, Stephanie Bruford, Sue Haley, Tracey Wootten & Vikki 'B'

The following pages contain photos taken at specific conventions:

Page Four
Reflections 1997

Page Five
A Moment In Time 1997

Page Six
Beauty at the Beach 1998

Page Seven
A Moment In Time 1998

Be Well and keep those hands busy!!!

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