Edinburgh Zetmeet - 15th August 1998

What do people do at Zetmeets?

''I personally wish to know more, How many fights broke out and any indesceet pecardillo's that people may wish to keep quiet about and how much table and lap dancing went on. I just want to know if I'm justified in being jealous at not being able to attend. ;0)'' - Mark Trudgill

It is safe to say that a fair amount
of tea and coffee was consumed

Food was eaten
(Yes... that is strawberry gateau)
and a certain amount
of chatting occurred.

I asked Chris to take a snap of me
and this is the only one he took!

''Oh! And a big thanks too, to Anne for supplying the best Clootie Dumplin that ever passed my lips!'' - Clair Barrass

''I'll second that - even though I wasn't there !!! My personal Maid (You know who - cockney rhyming slang) brought me a nice helping [!] !!! ;-) Absolutely Beautiful [!],
and so was the dumpling [VBG] - next time I'm in Perth I'll make sure I look you up !!! ;-)
This time using all the other names supplied !!! ;-) - Davie Damnation

Dave & the kids say bye bye to Mum;
Clair ''who made it home just before 1am''

Games were played...
once Chris had located
the balls and the cues!!

Jason whipped out his survey forms!!

Dick eyed the form with suspicion
(she's just out of shot I'm afraid!)

Those who smoked would adjourn from time to time to Robin's room.
I went in to fetch something from my coat pocket and several Zetnutters were listening to a very saucy soundbyte!! Robin straightway clicked the soundbyte OFF[!] ;-)
I told him there was no need ~ as they had *moved to .tasteless* it was okay but...
I still don't remember sending him that soundbyte!!

As is usual at parties...
most of the fun stuff
was in the kitchen...

Jason's Tommy Cooper impression:
''Spoon, jar... Jar, spoon!''

Now THEY say she spilled
some trifle on her skirt!

But I ask you...
is that LIKELY??

''.....well, that's *our* story,
and we're sticking to it! 8-p''
- Anne

''Hey, Clair!
There's still a clean
bit on this cloth!''

''There should be some extremely incriminating photos on my website in a few days time but those of you who are in them (you know who you are!) may wish to make me an offer privately in advance of the upload ;-)'' - Sue

''the only offer i would make is one of advice.........
and that is publish and be damned :) - GaryM [who doesn't have anything to worry about]''

Quite right, actually, since the most incriminating shot was of you and didn't turn out!! ;-)

''Brilliant! But what happened to the _really_ incriminating photo(s)? Did Gary and Anne put a jinx on the camera, or do I need to better their best offer? ;-)'' - Clair Barrass

A good time was had by all...

When the ''PRIVATE FUNCTION'' in ''The Activities Room'' ended, those of us with energy ~ and without children ;-( ~ adjourned to a rather ''quaint'' little pub on the Royal Mile. {see below}

''Oh - and the pub was on Abbeyhill (not the Royal Mile) - but maybe it might be better not to admit that??? ;=))'' - Clair Barrass

''It was nice to meet the ''new faces'', and to renew acquaintance with the ''old'' ones (sorry, Anne and Gary, no agist references meant, honest!), and to wonder exactly what Jason was up to [g]. Claire and Richard enjoyed themselves immensely, even if they didn't get the chance to go to the pub. And just for once, Kate didn't mind that either ;) We had a few adventures after leaving you, including finding out what a nice man Steve Punt really is'' - Kate Mottram

Remembering Absent friends:
Those who had hoped to join us but were unable to do so included
Peter Ellis, Michael Plank, Adrian Tupper and last but not least... Davie Damnation

''Anne's clootie dumpling and millionaires shortbread were delicious but I did manage to deliver the packages to Glasgow INTACT! [as if I would steal food from a poor little devil who couldn't get to the meet!]'' - Sue Haley

''Millionaire's Shortbread, is it called that because you need to be a Millionaire to afford all the sugar that goes in it... It was certainly sweet[!] !! ;-) Just like me ! And absolutely beautiful - just like.........[!] - yeah okay I'll shut up !!! ;-)'' - Davie Damnation

Er, Davie... you got the knife & fork the wrong way up!

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