Edinburgh Zetmeet - 15th August 1998

Who was there?

''I hope we get names to faces this time Sue.'' - Mark Trudgill

Quick reference:

Apologies were received
''Davie Damnation''

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''Thanks to Robin for hosting the very enjoyable Edinburgh Zetmeet.'' - Clair Barrass

''Seconded!!'' - Anne Jackson ''who finally made it home just after 3 pm Sunday! 8-)))))''

''Again i have to say i really enjoyed the Edinburgh do so all thanks to Robin for carrying out the duties of mein host and to everybody else for a most enjoyable evening.'' - Gary Mckelvie

''Many thanks from myself as well, it was nice to meet a few signatures in the flesh, but particular gratitude to Robin for splendid arrangements.'' - Dick Mackie

''My thanks are added to those already expressed to Robin for hosting the meet and arranging the accommodation and the lovely food (even though he did tease us with it for a long time before we actually got to eat any! ;-) Also thanks to Robin and everyone else for making us feel welcome.'' - Sue Haley

Clearly, Clair thought it very funny but David said it was a ''tongue-in-cheek' remark!

they didn't have any
*left-handed* cups!

Dick very kindly offered overnight accommodation to those who needed it...

''My particular thanks to you too for being such a marvellous host, Dick! - Anne X

''Also mine as well Dick. It's nice to see you posting to .local as well :) - GaryM

I believe Jason also stayed...
he doesn't post in .local very often
~ too busy ''surveying'' no doubt!! ;-)

Gary received his bottle of
prune wine from Anne.
{That should keep you going Gary!}

''GaryM -- not saying when he
got home but at least i didn't
go to Cairstairs this time''
''It's alcoholic isn't it [g]. I must say i wasn't the only one to drink it as i had a couple of friends over later that day and they enjoyed it as well (i didn't tell them what it was prior to them drinking it though) so i will have to get another couple of bottles at the next meet [g] As to side effects none what so ever, why where there mean't to be any ?[g]'' - GaryM

Thanks to the kind heart of David (above)

Stephen & Chrissie Barrass
left early so that Clair could
relax and stay out late.

Dave Ackrill .. no doubt wondering if
he can pinch the bottle of prune wine.
''We could always hide it
behind here Dad!''

Unfortunately, when we adjourned to the pub, the children weren't
allowed in so Kate, Dave Claire & Richard had to leave us.
Bet you wished you had lifted the wine eh, Dave??

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