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Edinburgh Zetmeet - 15th August 1998

Warning... these pages are *picture-rich* and will take a while to download!
...but it *is* pictures you want to see - right? ;-)

Where was it held? Where?

Who was there? Who?

What do people do at Zetmeets? What?

Caption Competition:
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your suggestions

Here's a couple from Davie Damnation:

''First you get a king-size prune
and squeeze like this...''

''Yes - it *was* a big Rubik Cube !''

and two from Derek MacKeddie:

''It's this big, and he thinks
HE needs Viagra!''

''And he's got balls this big,
hung like an elephant''
teh heh... ''Did you let Sue take a photo of you?
{whispering-She's a menace with her camera that one!}'' - Anne Jackson

Parting shot:
As I left the pub at around 11pm I was asked ''When will the pictures be up on the page?'' and I replied ''Give us a bl**dy chance! I haven't even got home yet!!'' ;-) - Sue

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