This is Lady - she belongs to Chris

She soon made herself at home

She likes the garden...

She is very curious about what's in it...

... and what is outside!

This is Ricky... an old fashioned 'Victorian' Pomeranian

We travelled to Kent on 27th July 2007 to collect him from his owner,
desperate to rehome him because she was moving to a flat.
She is a lovely lady and very sorry to part with him (understandably)
I am extremely happy to take him in as he is just adorable!

Update: After we moved in with Chris and Lady, she was getting even more jealous of Ricky,
they were starting to fight and I was afraid he would hurt Lady so I have had to rehome him!

He has gone back to the Pomeranian Rescue Society through which he came to me two years ago.
I phoned the rescue centre after a few days and they tell me he has settled into his 'foster home' with
two smaller poms very well. He only took about a week to settle with me two years ago so I expect
he will be fine - - - - - especially now he does not have Lady picking on him every time he walks past!

But guess who is jealous!

Some more recent pics of Ricky - this one was when he somehow got into the border
This is one of his beds - behind the sofa
... and another by the bookcase
WHAT does a guy have to do to get some attention around here???

Meet Ozzy

I'm sorry to say that after a fight with two other dogs,
during which Ozzy turned on me,
I had no alternative but to say bye bye to him ;-(

Ozzy, another rescue dog, is a Yorkshire Terrier Cross (sometimes a cross Yorkshire Terrier!) who we think is 5 years old. He had been found wandering in a suburb of Birmingham about 9 days before I adopted him. He is very gentle and a little bit timid but he seems to be settling in ok. (fingers crossed) He has one problem - he HATES other dogs (although he was gentle with Sparky). I have no idea why that is.

Above: Who tied this knot?

Below: This dog really needs to learn how to relax!


I'm sorry to say that I lost Shelley on 24 April 2007

Shelley - August 2003
Yes... she really is on the windowsill!

...but she didn't scratch it - that was Tilly

Shelley - September 2003
Looking a lot happier and settled

Tilly with Sparky in November 2000

Tilly in the back garden in August 2001

Tilly ''at home'' (clipped) at Christmas 2001

A favourite place - March 2002

The following photos are from when we first had the dogs in July 2000.
You may already have seen these but I have left them here in case you didn't


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