Caption Competitions
These have now ceased as there were so few entries

Previous Caption Contests...

Myhr's Lair newsletter - March 99 issue:-

Winning caption -
Eric: ''Give that back, I TOLD you someone else got the part...''

Myhr's Lair newsletter - December 98 issue:-

Karon McLain

''Can you make my hair look like yours?''

Myhr's Lair newsletter - September 98 issue:-

Winner: Venus Greaves

''SO That's where your tail is!''

Myhr's Lair newsletter - June 98 issue:-

Winner: Anne Maxwell

''Excuse me, ladies.
My zip's stuck!
Any volunteers?!?!?!''

Myhr's Lair newsletter - March 98 issue:-

Winner: Judy Adams

''Dance, Sailor?''

Myhr's Lair newsletter - December 97 issue:-

Winning caption -
''Elcome to the Gritish Geauty
and the Geast Congention''

(winner wishes to remain anonymous)

Myhr's Lair newsletter - September 97 issue:-

Winning caption -
"...Of course, Darling, here in England we call it a 'Cat Flap'!"

(winner wishes to remain anonymous)

Myhr's Lair newsletter - June 97 issue:-

Winner: Melissa Prideaux

''Doctors were unsuccessful
in separating the twins who
were joined at the shoulders''

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