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The Official Jamie Murray Fan Group
The club is now a Virtual Fan Club so...
there are NO dues

Anyone can access the club on this site and ANYONE
can contribute by sending articles, poems, artwork etc.
for inclusion here. All we ask is that it is Myhr/Jamie
related. Send it by e-mail to me (Sue) using the button.

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Myhr's Message
Tee shirt details
Hand-made Myhr Doll!
Zines - Adventures of Myhr & Further Adventures of Myhr


(Reproduced from the very first newsletter)

Well, gang, here it is...the first newsletter to a new fan club!!!
I want to thank you for making it possible (that's it, no academy award type speeches...just.....thank you). People had asked me in the past about a fan club, but I had always poo-pooed the idea...I mean I'm just a regular kinda guy with a day job and some fun hobbies. But, with the love and support of people like you, I'm becoming more in demand at conventions and artshows, making it harder and harder to stay in touch. It was time to form a hub for all the spokes developing in my wheel of life... A way to keep friends informed on where I'll be and what I've been up to, a way for fans of my artwork to get special deals... a way to answer the questions you wanted to but were too ernbarrassed to ask.. A way for me to share with you some of the things I can't even believe are going on!!!

So welcome to this new adventure... I'm thrilled to share this particular adventure with you! I hope through this forum you'll be able to learn a bit more about me and I'll be able to learn more about you; much more than we're able to pick up from a quick "hihowareyou" at a convention or artshow! So please feel free to write, ask questions, complain, whatever, and we'll explore this venue together...share artwork, poetry, observations, whatever you want to submit... We'll just throw everything in the pool and see what floats! That's it for now, so until our paths cross again, may the wind be at your back and your cereal stay crispy in milk!
All the best


MYHR'S LAIR Tee Shirts!

Modelled here for us by "Heinz" who took time off his otherwise hectic modelling schedule!!

Tee shirts were available in silver-grey with the club logo on the front at $15.00 each (plus shipping). We have a few left so if you are interested please e-mail Jamie

from Pam Tuck !!!

The new Myhr Dolls are all soft cloth dolls with hand-painted, needle sculptured faces. They are dressed in Myhr's original costume: White shirt with cravat, black vest, tan breeches and boots.

Pam will also take custom made orders.

Price $150.00 e-mail Sue for Pam's address if you'd like to order one.

Remember each doll is made to order so Pam will give you a delivery date when you order.

The Adventures Of Myhr
by Jackie Skalski & Marci Lefebvre

As the light returned to normal and the air cleared, Jamie heard the Doctor's voice. And it didn't sound happy.
"Something went wrong," said Doctor Stein.
"What do you mean? What went wrong? Let me out of these straps:" Jamie demanded in a rush.
The Doctor hurried to release Jamie, who jumped off the table and turned to the glass cylinder. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. He hoped he wouldn't have a childish accident.
With a gurgle, the amniotic fluid began to drain from the cylinder.
"Where did... How did... " stuttered Jamie.
"I don't understand it. Nothing like this has ever happened before", said the Doctor, unable to explain the figure floating in the cylinder.
"And you had to start with me?" Jamie shouted.
"I don't know what it is."
"I do."
Now empty of fluid, the cylinder descended into the floor leaving the being within standing free.
"It's Myhr."

Myhr turned his head to look his friend in the eye. "He's dead Jim."
"Of course he is. That's why we're all here."
"No, I mean he's really dead, Jim."
"That could be a problem. What should we do?"
"How should I know?" said Myhr, at a loss as to the proper formalities of a guest unexpectedly dropping dead in the midst of a party. It was highly inconvenient.

The Casino Manager arrived. "Congratulations:" he said in a booming voice. "Which one of you..." he hesitated, eyeing the two men dressed as feline characters, "Gentlemen is our winner?"
Myhr and Vincent looked at each other then pointed, one at the other.
"He is."
Confused, the manager stared at them. "This is not a hard question, guys. I'll need one of your social security numbers."
Vincent gave Myhr a trapped 1ook and hissed in his ear. "I don't have a social security number:"

And more stories!
Art by Pam Tuck, Lana Lanham, Charlotte Van Til, Carmen Rivadeneyra & Jackie.

To order, send $12 plus shipping (check with Jackie for rates) to:
Jacqueline Skalski... e-mail Jackie for the address


By Jacqueline Skalski and Marcia Lefebvre

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!
''Jamie picked up his fork and tried to spear one of the ribs. His fork glanced off the leathery meat and bounced back, forcing him to duck out of the way. The only way he could possibly chew on the meat would be if he had Myhr's teeth. Immediately, he felt the tingle that precluded his alter-egos emergence.''

A trip to the optometrist has some unusual repercussions.
''Knowing escape was only a room away Jamie/Myhr picked up speed, then suddenly slammed on his brakes. There, in the waiting room, sat half a dozen biker types. Long hair, tattoos, black-studded leather and they looked meaner than hell!''

An overnight stay in the woods is not exactly a trip to grandma's house for Myhr!
''Ahh,'' sighed Myhr, ''Modern facilities. Oh what a relief it is.'' Singing at the top of his lungs, he hurriedly opened the portal to the outhouse. His pants unbuckled, the sound of a 747 jet winding up for take-off hit him straight in the face. ''BEES!!!''

A haunted house, reporters and a larcenous nephew make for an exciting night for Myhr and his friends.
''Myhr found himself using braille to make his way through the dusty labyrinth. One moment his feet were on solid wood, and the next they weren't. He slid down the laundry chute as if he were riding on a turbo-charged sled. ''What a rush! I haven't played chutes and ladders since I was a little kid.''

Myhr is thrown into a hostage situation with his crew workers.
''I saved your life, Myhr, that's what I've done,'' answered Bernadette sharply. ''If you had been caught in the vortex when it closed, half of you would have been here and the other half would have been in a crack in the space-time continuum.''

Caught between worlds, Myhr struggles with the forces of good and evil.
''Myhr's party began to make their way across the barren tundra, hoping the clouds would further cover their covert operation.''

To order, send $12 plus shipping (check with Jackie for rates) to:
Jacqueline Skalski... e-mail Jackie for the address

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