Welcome to Chris' garden...

two views
from above
As you can see, it is a small, town garden but it is packed with interest

This was Chris' Garden four years ago...

The front 'garden' paved apart from this border which...

very much set the tone for the rear garden
with its arrangement of planting, rocks and shale.

Please step through the kitchen to the back garden...

The view from the kitchen door showed that this tiny garden was absolutely packed with interest...

Around the outside there were...
Silver Birch, Ceanothys, Pyracanthus
Avalana Contorta (twisted hazel)
Half Standard Willow, Pyracanthus
Azalia, Quince, Holly, Mock Holly
Acer Palmatum

In the centre there were...

Weeping Pussy Willow

Hanging Basket...

Hebe and various pieces of slate or rock
This one came home with him from a walk
This one is known as 'the chicken'

Also in the centre is this island ~ which is how it all began!

Chris became bored with the crazy paving that the previous owner left and so he lifted a few slabs and planted this bed. Sounds easy doesn't it? It wasn't! Over time (4 years) he lifted another and another until he was happy with the result. From time to time he bought potted plants; the Acer, a half standard Rose, the half standard Willow and the Hebe but always finished up by planting them out so that they didn't suffer if he forgot to water them.
In between the patio and the garden there is a raised bed containing...

a tall Conifer and a cat
a beautiful Ivy
a Grass, a Shamrock and a dog
a dwarf Pine
Shamrock flowers
and a spiral Conifer

I thought I saw a face when I took this photo...

other features situated on the patio included...
a water feature
a lamp and an individual arrangement
a close up of the individual arrangement

Some winter scenes...

Some more recent pics show that some changes have been made

left: In situ..... right: close up....
Above: azaliaBelow: french lavender
Above: hollyBelow: mock holly
Above: pierisBelow: acer
Above: lupinBelow: pine
Above: conifer and mini lawnBelow: welsh poppy and Lady

Wizard and dragonsfollowed by various other ornaments
Below a couple of visitors: Pigeonand squirrel [pics taken through glass]

I hope that you enjoyed looking around Chris' garden.

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