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Birminham Zetmeets

Bimingham Zetmeet 2000

was held on 18th November

We met at the Armada (see below) 3pm onwards...
We ate at The King's Paradise (Indian) Restaurant, Stratford Rd at 6pm...
then back to Sue's house for the rest of the evening...

Anyone staying overnight was welcome at Sue's for bacon sarnies on Sunday (morning?)

Birmingham Zetmeet - 21st November 1998

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I never got round to putting the 1999 pics up but others have done so!

The Birmingham Zetmeet 98 was a 'moveable feast'....

We met at
The Armada

Went back to Sue's flat

Had a meal at The China House

Then back to Sue's again for coffee

Sue, washing up???

Can this be real????

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