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"myhr album9" MYHR ALBUM 9
Stellar Occasion 5

I have now added the excellent photos from Caroline Hutcherson
Thanks for sending them, Caroline!!

Myhr at the microphone

with Pat Elrod

Brian Stelfreeze
is a comic artist, best known for his
coverwork for DC Comic's ''Shadow Of The Bat''

Two excellent shots of Myhr

Stephen Furst
who played Flounder in ''Animal House''
and plays Vir on ''Babylon 5''

Anne Lockhart, actress and
daughter of June Lockhart.
Anne played Lt Sheba on
''Battlestar Gallactica''

Chrys Harvey, Pat King & Kathy Battershell

Caroline Hutcherson

I **LOVE**
this one!!!

''Myhr with
small friend''

(Alyssa Steele)

Karen Quattlebaum, Jamie, Pat King, Chrys Harvey & Kathy Battershell

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