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"myhr album8" MYHR ALBUM 8
Beauty at the Beach

Myhr's first visit to the ocean!

The winner of the Myhr
look-alike contest

Where do I sign??? ;-)

Your Co-ordinator and...

But Jackie......?
...your Exec Producer!!

Is that an inflatable doll???

Myhr decided to go
in costume this year -
as a Samurai Warrior!!!

The things you have to do
round here to get a drink!

Jamie's Art Panel

from photo to drawing... painting. This one is ''Atlantia''

Myhr with several
people's favorite
Sharon Bentley

...and THAT

When Myhr has
aching muscles...

...there's never any
shortage of volunteers
to 'rub it better'!!!

Living on bread and water in the Dealers Room

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