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"myhr album7" MYHR ALBUM 7

Warriorcon 1997

"C'mon Jackie... ...let's mingle!"

...enjoying the company...

Tim Thomerson
Steven L Sears

The ladies from 'The Crystal Rose'
JoAnn Grant, Vicki Thomas & Sandy P Shelton

Yeah! It's safe to say
Jamie had a great time!!

Jamie - looking good!

Jackie Hunt... and Jamie man the table in the dealers room

Douglas and Travis Wong - Martial Arts experts

Myhr looks like the cat that got the cream!!

Antoinette reads the Xenia Scrolls

JoAnn Grant gets a hug

Robert "Salmoneus" Trebor

Three Excellent photos which are full screen size:
Myhr very close-up Myhr with Steve Sears Myhr with "Cowlista"

Kevin "Ares" Smith
Photo by Jackie Hunt

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