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"myhr album6" MYHR ALBUM 6

Stellar Occasion 4

Myhr with Steve Sears, co-executive producer and writer of Xena
who asked Myhr to be a guest at WARRIORCON
(For photos ~ see Album 7)
Photo supplied by Steven L. Sears

recreated here by Sheila...


A Moment In Time 1997

Myhr & Sue Haley [at Pizza Hut!]

Christopher Toyne's
Q&A Session

Myhr, relaxed while
listening to Christopher.

No doubt, as an editor
himself, Jamie would have
been interested too...

...but he was nowhere
to be found!

Myhr just loves to go out
and about...

especially if he can confuse
some kids along the way!!!

Often, they want to
touch his face

These ladies were
doing a survey...

... and trying hard
to find which
"category" Myhr
fits into!!

We were visited by
Myhr's niece,

Well what did you think we meant by "Fan Club"??

Nice to see Jamie
on the dance floor...
...but is that MYHR
he's dancing with??

Jamie with Cathy & Anne Maxwell

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