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"myhr album5" MYHR ALBUM 5
Reflections - Minneapolis

He still doesn't know why we keep taking pictures of him!!

Jackie Skalski and
Marcia Lefebvre with
the zine they wrote

Myhr and Samantha {{{hugging}}}

Nice Popeye impression...
...but the Fancy Dress
was yesterday!

During the Charity Auction, Eric Wise dresses Jamie in Charles' costume...

..."The Dragon Man" seems to have lost weight!

Ahem! Jamie!
You're overacting darling!

The *bestest* piccie of Myhr!

During the Art Auction Myhr
shows a numbered print of "ID"

Linda Moore says it was
THE BEST $300 she EVER spent!!

...and as you can see,
MY hands were shaking
when I took the photo!

Convention Committee and guests line up at the Closing Ceremony

Important discussion about career choices

Paying attention!

We would like to reassure all Myhr's Lair members that the club
is being run by mature, responsible, committed people.
And here they are!
Sue Haley... Maranda Hull & Karen Quattlebaum with Judy Loyd... and Jackie Hunt
There! That's put your mind at rest hasn't it?

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