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"myhr album4" MYHR ALBUM 4

A Kingdom By The Sea 1996

At The Waterside Mall

So... Have I got this right?
You guys get dressed up
in these weird outfits and
put that stuff on your faces
on a regular basis??

Myhr by the glade

Has anyone seen Vincent?

The other side of Myhr...
Sometimes Jamie is just another
con attendee, carrying a tote bag
and taking photos

Waiting to sign autographs

Goofing around while showing the 'collaboration' artwork.
Sandie Chandler Shelton's drawing... colored by Jamie

Cameras at five paces!

Isn't she adorable!

Her name is Sara(h)

Myhr with Judy Shimizu-Martinez
- a regular Tunnel Person.

Sorry we didn't see you in Minneapolis Judy!

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